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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication 

Many have dreamed it but Rado has made it a reality. A touch controlled watch in full ceramic – and this one is made exclusively for women. The latest technology and the most emotional of all the human senses unite for this unique, stand-out product.

Not many companies develop new technology aimed specifically at women. Rado shows itself once again to be both typically unconventional, and streets ahead of the competition with the Rado Esenza Ceramic Touch.

Controlled by the gentle touch and sweep of a finger along the side of the ceramic case – left for hours and right for minutes – time can be made to fly by or can be turned back in a single stroke.

Easy to manipulate and a delight to behold, this is the ultimate lady’s watch.  It may have no crown but is still fit for a queen and there’s no danger of ruining your manicure.

Developed specially by the Rado design team and drawing on years of touch technology from within the Swatch Group as well as our own expertise in high-tech materials, this watch is both hard – it’s made in full high-tech ceramic – and soft – the case is a gently curved oval  – all at the same time.


Sensual setting

The monobloc construction of the case, the production of which is carried out under high pressure using a sophisticated injection process, ensures the success of the ceramic touch technology.

A watch case made from metal would act as a shield between the outside world and the circuits inside.  As high-tech ceramic is an insulator this watch gives the wearer the power to influence the electrical circuit at its heart.  The electrodes embedded in the ceramic can ‘feel’ the presence of a fingertip on the case through the ceramic.

The six new models in this collection –  three black and three white – represent the first references in a series of product developments to come.

More than 50 years ago Rado revolutionised the watch industry with its use of unconventional materials. In 2013 Rado has taken the same risks needed to be successful all those years ago and the result is a world first.

Simplicity at its most sophisticated.


RADO Esenza Ceramic Touch with Renata Litvinova 


 RADO Esenza Ceramic Touch

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