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Whether you plan on spending most of your summer at the beach, in some farm or within the confines of the metropolis, looking stylishly on-trend is a must. And no other brand helps you do so—without suffering from heat stroke—like Penshoppe.

Let Penshoppe’s star-studded line-up of global ambassadors show you how it’s done.


Top model on vacation

Kendall Jenner

Channel the same sexy and effortlessly fierce vibe as Kendall with this mini turtleneck dress in light peach. Straightforward, light, and flattering, it’s the perfect outfit for weekend brunches or when you plan on spending the day in the mall.

Laidback superstar

Mario Maurer

Just like Mario, you too can look like an Asian superstar with this ensemble that matches pink cotton shirt and light denim button-down together with walking shorts and sneakers. Casual, comfortable, and appropriate for both out-of-towns and city strolls, this look captures the true essence of summer.

Heartthrob on the road

Cameron Dallas

Capture hearts with this simple (but oh-so-romantic) look that layers two tones of a cotton shirt, washed denim jeans, and white sneakers. Preppy but understated—definitely a summer look anyone can pull off.

Late night drives with the It Girl

Gigi Hadid

Summer is the season of road trips—planned and unplanned. Just like Gigi, make sure everyone’s eyes are on you wherever you go by wearing a pair of washed denim shorts with a statement tank. To pull everything together, wear a pair of really nice Chelsea boots.

Pop star on leave

Sandara Park

Planning on having a lazy day off? Make sure you do so in style by layering a classic ensemble with a striped (or patterened) string top. To add a creative touch, you may also tie a jacket around your waist.

Golden boy and the great outdoors

Lucky Blue Smith

Want to go for a standout look in subdued tones? Then take your cue from Lucky who sport a black-and-olive green layered shirt, khaki pants and plain black baseball cap. It’s the perfect look for afternoon to night activities.


An international casualwear brand known for pieces that make it easier for today’s youth to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, Penshoppe recently released its Summer 2017 collection along with the opening of its newest flagship store—Penshoppe Capital. Taking cue from global fashion trends, the collection features a myriad of stylishly trendy pieces that are not only affordable, but are also made from quality materials that are suitable for Philippine weather.

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