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Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s ridiculously refreshing and utterly delicious Earl Grape Iced Tea, celebrates its one-year since it satisfied many guests with its good taste.

The modern take on a traditional recipe was first unveiled in the International Iced Tea Day last year, June 10, 2016. It was the winning drink by Marco Polo Xiamen, as Marco Polo and Niccolo hotels competed on who could make the most unique and refreshing iced tea concoction.

Earl Grey tea was selected for its citrus flavour as it matches perfectly with the grapes. It also re-enforces the link between East and West – like Marco Polo himself – as Earl Grey had been used by the British since the early 19th century to imitate the more expensive types of Chinese tea that was difficult to attain back then.

The amount of care and detail that goes into creating each Earl Grape Iced Tea drink can only be surpassed by its taste.  Cold Earl Grey tea provides the base of the beverage and is poured over seedless green grapes and elderflower-infused ice cubes.  The grapes are slightly pressed so the combination of flavours can meld together, completing the thirst-quenching drink hailed by many as the perfect summer refreshment.

Every Earl Grape Iced Tea is presented with a freshly baked lokum or Turkish delight.  The sugar-based confection is the perfect accompaniment to the Earl Grape Iced Tea, as it helps to accentuate the various flavours resulting from the beverage.

Guests may experience the refreshing beverage in all hotel dining experiences and through in-room dining. This drink is also available in all Marco Polo and Niccolo hotels. To know more about the hotel, visit Follow the Hotel in Facebook at or @MarcoPoloManila on Twitter or Instagram.

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