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Every table during the Liquid Gold launch at the Manila Polo Club enjoyed a bottle of Prosecco

There’s a new ‘It girl’ in town – and she’s bubbly, fun, sophisticated, and gloriously fashionable in every way. This new ‘it’ personality is called Liquid Gold – an array of classy, limited edition Italian Prosecco DOC which recently had its Philippine debut at the posh main lounge of the Manila Polo Club in Forbes Park.

With a ‘retro futuristic’ theme, the Liquid Gold Launch showcased what the new sparkling wine is all about – a modern take on a classic drink that’s aimed to set the bar of today’s favorite sparkling wine.

Liquid Gold’s distinction is highlighted by its beautifully crafted bottles – svelte glasses that comes in sophisticated colors, a feature which Liquid Gold Philippines CEO and President Marlina Castillo shared as its unique selling point..

The first toast of the evening was given by no less than Liquid Gold creator, Marino Roberto

Fast growth

This formula proved to be successful as Liquid Gold continues to grow especially in the Asian market, and now it has reached the Philippine shores thanks to the efforts of Castillo.

“Our Prosecco is something that you would want to serve to your customers, which is why we’ve become a hit in posh restaurants and five-star hotels,” Castillo shared.

But more than its gorgeous packaging, Liquid Gold is a true treasure because of its sophisticated taste.

“Our Prosecco is made from fine Glera grapes, known to produce the best wines in Italy,” said the businesswoman.

Liquid Gold’s stylish and colorful bottles are not just drinks, but a fashion statement

During the launch, the CEO also shared that they expect the younger Filipino crowd to appreciate the verve of their Prosecco, while seasoned drinkers will appreciate its quality.

“We really expect Liquid Gold to be a hit among young professionals, but the taste of our wine will also capture the seasoned market. We believe they would want to give Liquid Gold as gifts specially this coming holiday season since you don’t need to wrap our bottles. It’s beautiful as it is,” she said.

The launch was highlighted by sophisticated entertainment, great food, and of course, the best wine from Liquid Gold filling the elegant glasses of the guests – a great start indeed for what’s set to be the best Prosecco in the market today.


Liquid Gold global executives toasted the launch of the Italian white sparkling wine in the Philippines

About Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold is the brainchild of Marino Roberto, known for his expertise when it comes to high-quality Italian clothing and products. Liquid Gold is the answer to the constant search for the perfect toast.

Liquid Gold Prosecco Italian Sparkling White Wine is a superior drink made from choice Glera grapes. These drinks are distinct not only because of its sophisticated taste, but also because of its beautiful packaging that make it a standout in parties and events.

Cool, crisp Liquid Gold Prosecco

Liquid Gold’s Prosecco DOC Elegant makes a statement with its striking metallic bottles – available in an array of six different colors. Created for global luxury and fashion markets – which accept nothing but the best – Liquid Gold is guaranteed to get the party started.. The distinctive flavor of Liquid Gold Prosecco is due to the select ingredients which release an aromatic and fruity bouquet, making it an ideal drink to serve as an aperitif.

Marlina Castillo, Liquid Gold Philippines president, leads the awarding of appreciation plaques during the Liquid Gold launch at the Manila Po

On the other hand, Liquid Gold’s Prosecco DOC Classic is the perfect solution for your daily glass of wine.

For more information, contact 0917-8753793. Follow Liquid Gold Wine and Spirits in FB and IG.

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