Rainbows are usually thought to bring in good fortune – but lately, nutritionists have also come to believe that rainbow on your family’s diet can lead to a pot of good health. 

According to nutritionists, the healthy content of fruits, vegetables and other plant-based food are reflected on their colors. This has to do with phytochemicals – naturally occurring compounds on plants that provide their color, odor and flavor.

“Fruits that are blue and purple carry anthocyanin that helps the heart and blood pressure. Reds are rich in cancer-fighting lycopene. Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables are abundant in Vitamin C and beta-cryptoxanthin, which is converted to Vitamin A when ingested by the body. Green vegetables carry Vitamin K, folic acid, potassium, carotenoids and modest amounts of omega-3 fatty acids,” explains Ma. Paz L. Sales, a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian.

Nutritionists generally advise mothers to plan their diet based on a “rainbow” and inject a balanced mix of various colors into one’s diet.

Power of Purple 

However, not all colors are found in local fruits and vegetables. “Unlike other colored fruits and vegetables, blue and purple hues don’t occur locally as much, except on a few plants. They are equally important since they bring anthocyanin and polyphenols that lessen the risk of lifestyle diseases, such as cancer and heart illnesses,” says Ms. Sales. 

The most popular fruit under these spectrum are grapes. Fortunately, heart-healthy grape juices are widely available thanks to Welch’s. 

Welch’s 100% grape juices maximize the naturally occurring nutrients of the Concord grape. Grapes from this variety have thick, dark purple skins and crunchy seeds, which carry the healthy polyphenols behind the grape’s superfruit status. 

Drinking Welch’s 100% grape juices actually provides more polyphenols than eating the fruit. Making a pure grape juice involves crushing the fruit, including seeds and dark purple skin, which releases more of these nutrients. 

Available in retail outlets nationwide, Welch’s 100% juice drinks give families a wider access to the fruit’s rich nutrients.

To learn more about the benefits of drinking Welch’s 100% fruit juices, visit www.welchs.com.

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