YouTube awards the prestigious Gold Play Button to dance fitness group LiveLoveParty.TV and creator couple Ja Mill at the recent Pop-Up Space Manila.

Dance group LiveLoveParty.TV and real-life couple Ja Mill are the latest to join the growing list of Filipinos to receive the Gold Creator Award–a distinction reserved for creators that reached a million subscribers on their YouTube channels.

LiveLoveParty.TV combines fitness with fun, and inspires their followers to dance their way to a healthier lifestyle. The group has grown their fanbase with an extensive library of zumba tutorials, covering everything from well-loved OPM and classic dance hits, to hip-hop and K-pop. Their videos rake in hundreds of thousands of views, with one of their most popular dance covers registering as much as 14 million views.

Jayzam Trinidad and Camille Manabat, meanwhile, are the young couple behind one of today’s fastest-rising YouTube channels,  Ja Mill. Their lighthearted videos and affectionate pranks have won the hearts of a strong pool of subscribers, who call themselves “pamilyang mandirigma.” 

Creator Award is YouTube’s way of recognising the amount of effort and dedication creators put into their channels. YouTube creators who reach 1 million subscribers are given the Gold Creator Award. To date, there are over 30 Filipino creators who have achieved this feat, including  Fliptop Battles, Kids Toys, Ranz Kyle, Michelle Dy, Wil Dasovich, CongTV, Lloyd Cadena, and Alex Gonzaga

Those who have hit 100,000 subscribers on their channels are awarded the Silver Creator Award. More than 380 channels have reached this milestone, such as Daniel Marsh, Haley Dasovich, Janina Vela, Pamela Swing, Purple Heiress, Real Asian Beauty, Say Tioco, That’s Bella, and Zendee Tenerefe.

“We’re proud to present the Gold Creator Award to LiveLoveParty.TV and Ja Mill. Their passion, talent and wit are a great inspiration for the growing Filipino YouTube community,” said Google Philippines Country Marketing Manager Gabby Roxas.

In addition to the subscriber threshold requirements, the selection process involves reviewing a creator’s channel according to YouTube guidelines. Creator Awards are given to acknowledge creators who reach the milestone and keep their channels in good standing or violations of YouTube’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Services. For more information about YouTube Creator Awards, visit the YouTube Creator Hub.

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