Nespresso, the worldwide pioneer in premium coffee, elevates the coffee-drinking experience even further, enticing your five senses with five new global coffee sensations in its newest Master Origin Collection.

Sourced from around the globe, the Master Origin range uses the purest beans and the finest coffee crafts from known coffee capitals such as Ethiopia, Indonesia, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Indonesia.

Each of the Master Origin coffees boasts a unique journey of discovery-  from the forested mountains of Sumatra through to the highland vales of Nicaragua. Within each selected region, Nespresso experts formed a partnership with the local farming community and embarked on a mission to test innovative and demanding farming practices, all with the goal of crafting incredible new coffee aromas and tastes.

In Ethiopia, coffee beans carry such a light and bright flavour thanks to its unique gathering and roasting technique. The beans are meticulous raked every hour by hand to ensure even drying. In Colombia, the typical harvest time of coffee is pushed to the limit – with each coffee cherry left to ripen on the tree until it turns the right shade of deep purple. Over in Sumatra, Indonesia, farmers use a traditional local wet-hulling method, while in Nicaragua, the ‘black honey’ method is used, which involves leaving the coffee bean to dry in its natural fruit layer, allowing it to soak up the natural sugars. The coffee sourced in India, on the hand, is “monsooned,” which is an age-old technique wherein the beans swell up with moisture, revealing a unique new flavour. 

“Processing techniques play a hugely important role in the final coffee profile.  With the Master Origin coffees, we used a mix of traditional, new and adapted methods to produce five distinct and original coffees. We want our consumers to discover a new world of greater depth and flavour.” says Patrick Pesengco, Managing Director, Novateur Coffee Concepts Inc.

Here’s how you can bring out and enjoy the different flavour profiles of each origin bean.

Master Origin Indonesia

Recipe: Indonesia Discovery
Flavor profile:
Distinctly rich with a wild, woody taste

Indonesia is as well known for its cocoa as it is for its coffee.  Step into the story of the country’s top exports in this indulgent café mocha recipe called the Indonesia Discovery.  The chocolate and milk soften and enrich the woody notes of this Master Origin, while the crunchiness of chocolate chips add an interesting island kick to this drink.

What you need:

  • Master Origin Indonesia
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Dark Chocolate Chips (coarsely chopped)


  1. Pour the chocolate syrup into a large glass.
  2. Froth your milk- about as much milk as you would use in a latte macchiato – and pour it into glass.
  3. Place the capsule into the insertion slot, pull the lever down and press the espresso button. Pour the espresso shot into the milk froth.
  4. Top it off with some dark chocolate chips.

Master Origin Ethiopia

Recipe: Ethiopia Lemon Grass Refress
Flavour profile
: Flowery and bright

The local farmers in Ethiopia have perfected the ancient dry-processing technique over many years, drying their whole coffee cherries in the highland sun to cultivate delicate fruity flavours.Inspired by the use of citrus and herbs in Ethiopia’s teas and infusions, this drink brings out the floral and jammy fruit notes in Master Origin Ethiopia. 

What you need:

  • Master Origin Ethiopia
  • Lemongrass tea (Sweetened)
  • Honey
  • Ice


  1. Put 15ml of honey into a tall glass.
  2. Add 3 to 4 ice cubes depending on the size.
  3. Add 100ml of lemongrass tea.
  4. Place the glass under the coffee outlet.
  5. Place the capsule into the insertion slot. Pull the lever down and press the espresso button.
  6. After the extraction, garnish the beverage with a lemongrass stem.
  7. Serve with a straw.

Master Origin India

Recipe: India Ginger Lemon RefreshFlavour profile: Intense and spicy

The powerful wet monsoon winds sweep into India’s Malabar coasts for months, and partner farmers harness their power to cultivate a coffee of incredible intensity. The India Ginger Lemon Refresher makes for a thirst-quenching drink with its spicy twist.

What you need:

  • Master Origin India
  • Ginger lemon tea (Sweetened)
  • Honey
  • Ice


  1. Put 3 to 4 ice cubes (depending on the size) into a tall glass.
  2. Pour in 100ml of ginger lemon tea.
  3. Put a separate demitase under the coffee outlet.
  4. Place the capsule into the insertion slot, pull the lever down and press the espresso button.
  5. After the extraction, stir in 1/2 tbsp of honey with the coffee.
  6. Pour the coffee lowly on top of the tea.
  7. Garnish the beverage with a lemon wedge then serve with a straw.

Master Origin Nicaragua

Recipe: Nicaragua Sweet and Crunchy
Flavour profile: Sweet and harmonious

In the highland vales of Nicaragua, the black honey coffee is hand-raked every hour under the hot sun to absorb the sweet flavours from its fruit. With this drink, enjoy the sweet aroma of banana, which takes you into the local Nicaraguan kitchen, and crunchy corn flakes, which adds a bit of fun into every bite.

What you need:

  • Master Origin Nicaragua
  • Banana Syrup
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Corn Flakes


  1. Pour 5ml of banana syrup into a cappuccino cup.
  2. Froth your milk and put it in cup, right up to the brim.
  3. Place the capsule into the insertion slot, pull the lever down and press the espresso button. Pour the espresso into the cup.
  4. Decorate with a few corn flakes on top.

Master Origin Colombia

Recipe: Colombia Mango Fizz
Flavour profile: Fruity and vibrant

Nespresso introduced the late-harvest technique to the high forests and rolling hills of Colombia, with the coffee left to mature on the branch much later. With each new day, every individual cherry is assessed and will only be picked when it perfectly ready. Bring out the coffee’s fruity aroma and enjoy a truly refreshing beverage with the Colombia Mango Fizz.

What you need:

  • Master Origin Colombia
  • Sparkling Water
  • Mango juice
  • Simple Syrup


  1. On a tall glass, pour in 60ml of mango juice.
  2. Add 40ml of sparkling water.
  3. Add 3 to 4 ice cubes depending on the size.
  4. Place an ice shaker under the coffee outlet.
  5. Place the capsule into the insertion slot, pull the lever down and press the espresso button.
  6. Add 10ml of simple syrup into the coffee, Add ice then shake until coffee has doubled in amount.
  7. Pour the ice shaken coffee slowly on top of the mango mixture.
  8. Serve with a straw.

Try these delicious recipes and discover new ways to enjoy your dark brew- whether hot or over ice!

Novateur Coffee Concepts Marketing Head Melissa Valdez, Novateur Coffee Concepts Marketing Specialist Patricia Flores, Nespresso Coffee Ambassador Ed Bulanadi and Novateur Coffee Concepts Marketing Manager Mia Silva

The Nespresso Master Origin coffee range is available at the Nespresso Boutique at Power Plant , as well as through orders from the Nespresso Customer Care Centre (02 4777870),  and online at

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