Finding the right pieces for the home can be one of the most grueling tasks. But with Curated Home, turning any space into a home is a walk in the park.

The new exclusive brand from Robinsons Department Store has been the latest buzzword among home décor enthusiasts who are constantly on the lookout for well-designed furnishings and décor at affordable prices. The latest pieces for the home will be on display at all Robinsons Department Stores.


Renowned furniture designer and visual stylist Ito Kish is the primary curator behind Curated Home, painstakingly going through each design to shortlist and handpick only the best.

Since its launch in July, Ito Kish has prepared three new collections—Terrazzo, Retro-Geo, and Simple Harmony—for the home and lifestyle brand.


Design experts have declared that retro flooring material terrazzo is making a comeback. If you’re not quite ready for brand-new flooring, catch on to the trend with Curated Home’s Terrazzo collection. It cleverly groups home pieces that call to mind the material’s chips of marble, granite, and quartz. A few pieces from the collection can turn any home into a conversation piece.

Fans of modern design should make a beeline for the Retro-Geo collection. It is Curated Home’s tribute to design stalwarts Charles and Ray Eames. Expect strong colors, bold lines and geometric shapes. Soft furnishing with geometric design is the easiest way to bring the collection into anyone’s home.


Aiming to offer something for everyone, Curated Home has also prepared a collection for individuals with a more natural approach to design. The Simple Harmony collection is all about muted colors and organic shapes. Decor and beddings for your bedroom, perhaps?

As the cooler months start to roll in, head to Robinsons Department Store. The beautiful pieces in these three new collections are perfect for cocooning in your own curated home. Follow @CuratedHomePH and @RobinsonsHomeLiving to be inspired with the latest updates from the Home Section of Robinsons Department Store.

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