The Resurgence of the Classic with D’Lites Originals:
D’Lites in Black/White (Men’s – Php 3890, Ladies’ – Php 4095)

Leading the huge chunky sneaker trend is Skechers’ highly popular dad sneaker line—D’Lites. After more than a decade, Skechers has brought back the classic 90’s icon better than ever with an updated edgy silhouette, lighter construction, and additional comfort. Fans of the heritage collection can be seen styling their OG D’Lites with a mix of streetwear, 90’s retro, and their own unique looks, showcasing how the shoe can be paired to express one’s personality and mood.

Coming from the massive success of the D’Lites originals, which just released new tonal colorways to add to the classic black/white and triple white, the brand is now also releasing something for those looking for even chunkier kicks!

The New Sneaker Staple: D’Lites 3.0 (Ladies’ – Php 4095, Men’s – Php 4295)

The new D’Lites 3.0 boasts an extra chunky silhouette, offering added height and a bold look with a distinctively street vibe. It comes in both men’s and women’s across various colorways from neutrals to color blocks. Despite its visual heft, the D’Lites 3.0 is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear just like the originals, featuring Skechers air-cooled memory foam insoles. With design elements that balance comfort and standout street style, D’Lites 3.0 takes well to different looks and tastes.

With the obsession over all things chunky, 90’s and street as big as ever, we’re sure to see both D’Lites Originals and D’Lites 3.0 on OOTD’s and Instagram feeds everywhere. The latest D’Lites iteration is currently landing in stores and is set to be another staple in every sneaker head’s closet.

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