Daniel Matsunaga, Enchong Dee, and Tanner Mata lead a new generation of modern men

There was a time when strength and stoicism were seen as the ultimate male ideals. Society created the archetype of a strong, suave man who never loses his composure. But while there’s nothing wrong with that image of a dashing gent, it just doesn’t paint a full picture of what a modern gentleman is.

Times have changed, but the popular notion of what’s considered manly does not seem to have kept up. Men still face discomfort for showing tenderness, emotion, and other things outside the traditional mold of manliness.

“There’s more to men than just being strong, masculine, and suave,” says Tisha Rodriguez, Avon Philippines’ Head of Marketing. “Avon believes that men can also be graceful and emotional, and still be considered manly.”

As a company built to empower others, Avon is celebrating the many unsung facets of a modern gentleman with its latest campaign called Gentleman Up. The campaign is a call for all men to come forward and embrace the traits that society has set aside in favor of traditional gender connotations.

“We’re not trying to discount the popular idea of what a gentleman is. Instead, we’re expanding it to show a more inclusive picture of the modern gentleman,” adds Tisha Rodriguez.

New Avon endorsers—Tanner Mata and Enchong Dee—join  brand ambassador Daniel Matsunaga to send Avon’s message of acceptance, inclusivity, and diversity.  The three lead a group of modern gentlemen in the latest fashion show of Men’s Club by Avon, a line of intimate apparel for men. The brand’s message of diversity mirrors the diverse range of men’s undergarments, which range from basics and printed cotton briefs to underwear with innovative fabrics.

Watch Daniel, Tanner, and Enchong in their first teaser clip for Men’s Club by Avon:

Celebrate the Modern Gentlemen with Men's Club by Avon

Today’s modern gentleman has many faces: caring, gentle, tough, creative, graceful, emotional, and so much more! That’s why Men’s Club by Avon recognizes that today’s men are more than just suits or jerseys. Men are diverse—and it’s time to show the world their different faces.#GentlemanUp and wear what truly reflects you with our wide range of underwear from #MensClubByAvon!

Posted by Avon Philippines on Thursday, April 11, 2019

True to Avon’s message of inclusivity, the all-male fashion show features for the first time ever a lineup dominated by non-models. The three headliners are launching the campaign with theater actor Ian Ignacio, chef Gerick Manalo, photographer Ari Simangan, singer Joshua Bulot, blogger Chuck Aquino, and nurse Clint Karklins.

Men’s Club by Avon is available through Avon Representatives, or online via AvonShop.ph. Follow Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the #GentleManUp campaign.

Don’t have an Avon Representative? Visit www.avon.ph or like and check out Avon Philippines on Facebook to find out how you can shop your favorite Avon products!

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