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Includes speakers from leading brands such as Unilever, Coca-Cola Philippines, Allegro Microsystems, PASIA, Lazada, EY (Ernst & Young), Zebra Technologies and showcases demonstrations of real results from artificial intelligence use cases

JDA Supply Chain ASEAN Summit (SCAS) - Genie Technologies Inc. Showcases JDA’s Software’s Most Impactful Artificial Intelligence Supply Chain Technology 1

JDA Software Inc., hosted the fifth annual  JDA  Supply  Chain  ASEAN  Summit  (SCAS)  on  23rd  May  in  City  of  Dreams, Parañaque City, showcasing its supply chain platform strategy to accelerate business’ digital transformations.

The event titled “Seamless supply chain for seamless customer experience,” highlighted to  the  audience  of  retail,  manufacturing,  and  logistics  professionals  the  power  of  an Artificial  Intelligence(AI)/Machine  Learning(ML)-enabled  SaaS  platform  that  will  allow companies increase their competitive edge and positively impact the bottom line.

As  ASEAN  businesses  strive  to  integrate  as  a  region,  JDA’s  Vishal  Dhawan,  Vice President,  Growth  Markets  kicked  off  the  event  by  setting  the  context  on  how  JDA, through its cognitive, connected, end-to-end supply chain platform can help companies integrate  their  entire  supply  chain  systems  and  network  with  their  existing  and  future partner ecosystem. This, future-proof moonshot, he emphasized, was the way forward to achieving an autonomous supply chain.

In his keynote address, Martin Dube, Group Vice President, APAC, elaborated on the digital revolution trends as seen in manufacturing retail and logistics domains and the power of new pervasive technologies like AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) will help drive faster results in achieving higher efficiency.

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JDA Supply Chain ASEAN Summit (SCAS) - Genie Technologies Inc. Showcases JDA’s Software’s Most Impactful Artificial Intelligence Supply Chain Technology 2

Throughout the conference, there were many key speakers that discussed a variety of topics, including the following:

  Petrus Carbonell, Head of Business Development at Lazada, gave an inspirational narration  of  the  Lazada  story,  whose  mission  is  to  accelerate  progress  in Southeast Asia through commerce and technology. He discussed how Lazada is successfully is leading the way with its vision – Lazada’s Entrepreneurial Way — and had the audience in rapt attention.

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  In his presentation, Daniel Kohut, Senior Director, Solutions Consulting, APAC, shared how the future of retail will be defined by delivering a seamlessly connected and curated customer experience across every touchpoint in the shopper journey.

  JDA’s Senior Solutions Advisor, APAC, Santosh Bhakta, highlighted the emerging new DNA of current supply chains and how enabling effective sales and operations planning  can  help  achieve  higher  profitability  and  increased  margins  for  the businesses.

  Charlie P. Villaseñor, Chairman of the Board, Procurement & Supply Institute of Asia  (PASIA)  &  CEO  of  TransProcure  Corporation  discussed  the  three  key elements that will help drive supply chain excellence in a digital economy – ethics, excellence and e-enablement.

  JDA’s Richard Ryan, Senior Industry Strategy Advisor, APAC, gave illustrations that  demonstrated  how  consumers’  expectations  and  technology  enablers  had disrupted the logistics industry. He also covered how new technologies like AI- enabled cognitive, connected and all-digital warehouses and control towers of the future are rapidly being adopted in the industry.

  IBM’s Michael Viray, Portfolio Leader, Power Systems, ASEAN, shared the latest developments in AI and deep learning to help manufacturers leverage advanced analytics to improve quality of service, contain costs and improve productivity.

  Alamelu Ganesh, Senior Manager, EY (Ernst & Young), presented on the logistics industry  trends,  challenges  and  the  technologies  that  are  enabling  the  digital transformation journey.

  John Boe, Senior Director of JDA Client Services, Genie Technologies, concluded the last of the presentations for the day on how leveraging the right technology will help  increase  supply  chain  efficiency  and  result  in  a  seamlessly  connected consumer experience.

The  packed  agenda  included  three  industry  panel  sessions  of  insightful  interactive discussion on  retail, manufacturing and  3PL  moderated  by Daniel  Kohut and  Richard Ryan. Panel discussions included speakers such as:

•     Petrus Paolo Carbonell, Head of Business Development, Lazada

•     Deedee Ledonio, President, Columbia Transport Inc (Coltrans)

•     John Boe, Senior Director, JDA Client Services, Genie Technologies

•     Rhett Ramos, Asia IT Director, Allegro Microsystems

•     Ruth Genota, Logistics Director, Coca-Cola Philippines

•     Charlie P. Villaseñor, Chairman of the Board, Procurement & Supply Institute of

Asia (PASIA) & CEO of TransProcure Corporation

•     Puskar Mukherjee, Supply Chain Performance Director, Unilever, Philippines

•     Enrique Castillo, President & CEO of Victory Group of Companies

•     Arnold Ballesteros, Senior Territory Account Manager, Zebra Technologies

•     Alamelu Ganesh, Senior Manager, EY (Ernst & Young)

“Our annual user conference in the Philippines is the largest supply chain platform across manufacturing, retail and 3PL players. It has been an overwhelming response to see the enthusiasm of our customers and supply chain practitioners who join us at our event to network  with  their  peers  and  learn  more  from  the  success  stories  of  their  global counterparts.  Our  vision  is  to  enable  them  in  their  digital  transformation  journey  and accelerate their way forward to run an autonomous supply chain that is agile, adaptive and self-learning,” said Vishal Dhawan, Vice President, Growth Markets, JDA. The main sponsors  of  2019  JDA  SCAS  included  gold  partner  Genie  Technologies,  and  other sponsors Zebra Technologies and Strategic Synergy Inc.

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