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Student life made easier with Search

Ever since the era of internet, Google has been every student’s best study companion. With a world of information waiting at their fingertips, it now only takes a few seconds and some keywords to find and gather information that they need.

But, there are more ways that students can utilize the power of Search to find what they need at the right moment. Here are some tips to help use Search smartly for school:

Read up on topics in advance

Most universities share their course syllabus ahead, so students can go over difficult topics before their first day. More than the websites one can find on Search, users can also have access to scholarly articles on Google Scholar. This search engine is a great place to start one’s readings with books, theses, and documents about any disciplines from relevant sources.

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Get targeted results

To find accurate results needed for homework or school papers, students can try using quotation marks to find an exact phrase, or using “+” and “-” to show results that either include or exclude certain items (ie. woman + red dress, biology – molecules). Students can even specify the file type they want to see by using filetype: (ie. Presidents of the Philippines filetype:pdf).

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Those required to get reference from a certain site can add “site:” before the search term to pull up results only from that specific website (ie. summer trends). Search can also filter through results by date to access content published only during that time — such as archived newspapers that date back to the 1970s.

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Discover best after-school hangouts

A Harvard study shares that having solid friendships help students deal with the stress of hectic school schedules and activities. Those looking for some well-deserved break can rely on Search to help them  find hangout spots perfect for chilling out with friends!

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Find recommendations of nearby places, along with the address, operating hours, contact details, and even photos of the place and some of its best-selling food and drinks. Students can even discover nearby events happening over the weekend — all they need to do is search “events near me” or a specific event like “film festivals in Makati”, and a number of suggested  results will pop up!

Search is available on the web and for download on Android phone or iPhone. For more information about Search, visit

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