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Samsonite builds and designs the perfect companions for today’s highly mobile and experience-craving young jetsetters

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Whether you’re taking the Q train to the end of the line to stroll up the Coney Island Boardwalk, stretching your legs with a jog or cycle through Tiergarten Park, going on a multi-day trek through the Andes en route to Machu Picchu, or going on a bar crawl/dream haunt in Shinjuku’s time-warped Golden Gai, wherever you maybe, you live your life to the rhythm of the city you’re exploring or (currently) living in.

Driven by the desire of today’s millennial jetsetters to see more, do more, move more, and go on adventures on a whim, young men and women of the world are looking for authentic experiences, seeking out ways to get under the skin of the cities they visit and reside in by fully submerging themselves in the urban adventure. Life, after all, is about being on the go.

And in a time when the world has become one global hub with big cities exerting an unstoppable, magnetizing attraction on travelers and commuters alike, Samsonite steps up and presents itself as the perfect companion for people on the move.

Inspired by its commitment to create smart, durable, and lightweight on the go solutions for purposeful travelers, Samsonite recently launched its new and first-ever global integrated campaign, “Born to Go,” which marks a new brand identity for the world-renowned travel brand. “Born to Go” celebrates a growing “on the go” mindset where today’s young travelers want to be able to go anywhere, anytime—stat!

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“Since its creation, innovation has been an integral part of Samsonite’s DNA, creating luggage and bags that are designed to keep you going and lighten your travels. Because nothing should stop you from going and discovering this exciting world,” says Mr. Subrata Dutta, President, Asia Pacific and Middle East of Samsonite International S.A.

Various collections are featured in the campaign, all of which are part of the Samsonite’s 2019 Fall/Winter assortment. From the latest innovative and durable suitcase collections to smart cases and backpacks with built-in USB charging ports, Samsonite not only makes heavy traveling light, it makes traveling a way of life.

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EVOA is an evolutionary hard side suitcase by Samsonite that brings suitcase design to a brand new pinnacle. Elegant, sophisticated, functional and innovative, Evoa merges business and leisure travel with the best usage experience. It is mounted with a brand new innovative Aero-TracTM suspension wheel system, which effectively reduces rolling vibration and rolling noise. Evoa is also equipped with integrated anti-theft zipper, which provides maximum protection to your belongings. Protected by metallic corner guards and decorated with brushed texture, the design of EVOA is minimalistic yet modern.

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Go wherever life takes you with Evoa

An evolutionary hardside suitcase by Samsonite, Evoa brings suitcase design to a whole new level. Elegant, sophisticated, functional, and innovative, it merges business and leisure travel flawlessly.

Mounted with a brand new innovative Aero-Trac suspension wheel system, it effectively reduces rolling vibration and rolling noise. It is also equipped with integrated anti-theft zipper, which provides maximum protection to your belongings. Protected by metallic corner guards and decorated with brushed texture, the design of Evoa is minimalistic yet modern. Loaded with convenient features such as expandability and rich internal organizers, Evoa is the best suitcase for all travelers.

EVOA TECH is only available in brushed black color with copper accent detail on logo, trolley and metal components, born to be smart and cool, but not over techie, easy to match with any travel style. With 3-in-1 smart lock with TSA fingerprint combination lock, consumers could open the luggage with simply one touch of recorded finger efficiently, no need to worry about forgetting the dial password, perfectly combined with the anti-theft zipper for high security. It also has a Seekit™ Bluetooth Tracker by Panasonic that provides a separation indicator and proximity guidance to keep track of important luggage and is supported by Aero-Trac™ suspension wheel system that keeps the mobility of the luggage smooth even when it’s heavy.

Go with ease with Evoa Tech

Evoa Tech boasts of all the stunning features of Evoa with added innovative tech solutions and enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and security to create an even more premium travel experience to customers. Its 3-in-1 smart lock allows you to open your luggage with a touch of your finger through its TSA fingerprint combination lock. The fingerprint lock secures defined users of the luggage and can record up to 10 selected fingerprints. Evoa Tech also comes with a Samsonite Seekit Bluetooth Tracker by Panasonic, a separation indicator device that informs you when your luggage is around and notifies you when it’s away. Its neatest feature, however, is the integrated weighing scale carry handle, which allows you to weigh the bag just by picking it up.

Goultralight with Lite-Box

Lite-Box, Samsonite’s most up to date Curv collection, is built to meet the expectations of the discerning traveler looking for the best materials combined with a contemporary design. Made from durable Curv woven material, Lite-Box is among the lightest and sturdiest in its class. State-of-the-art technology combined with a great deal of attention to detail gives this collection its key look: a large volume boxy case in a dynamic vertical design with prominent outside corner protections. This last eye-catching feature gives extra reinforcement to the corners making the suitcase more robust, adding strength in the right places.

Openroad: In between the city’s brick walls and high buildings, a sense of freedom and creativity rules the streets. Openroad collection takes inspiration from the momentum of urban existence by combining vital multi-functionality with contemporary styled shapes. Features include Smart Fit™ laptop compartment, Smart Sleeve™ with zipped security pocket and Sturdy design in a mix of high-density textiles and PU.

Go wherever creativity takes you with Openroad

Taking inspiration from the sense of freedom and creativity that rules the streets, Samsonite’s Openroad collection features bags that combine multifunctionality with contemporary design. Whether you’re working remotely or your work requires you to be always on the move, Openroad has got you covered with its Smart Fit laptop compartment, Smart Sleeve with zipped security pocket, and a sturdy design with in a mix of high density textiles. 

Tri-Tech: Samsonite offers the total new frame luggage, TRI-TECH, recommends to travelers who are looking for the perfect travel partner with high security, stylish look, effortless weight and smartly practical features. Features include Samsonite minimal, modern and universal design, Aero-TracTM Suspension wheel, Click-PopTM TSA combination lock and with fully equipped and practical interior, both-side dividers with detachable divider for packing flexibility, and luggage cover to protect better from scratch or dirt.

Go smooth, smart, and stylish with Tri-Tech

Looking for the perfect travel partner with high security, stylish look, effortless weight, and smartly practical features? Samsonite’s frame luggage, Tri-Tech, offers an impressive trifecta of winning features: a modern and minimal design that creates the ultimate stylish travel look; the Aero-Trac Suspension wheel that ensures smooth and high mobility; and the smartly designed Click-Pop TSA combination lock, which opens your luggage seamlessly with one click. It also has a practical interior design that enables packing flexibility with detachable divider and luggage cover.

Xylem is made of high quality anodized aluminum; the material is unbreakable, strongly protective and durable. The timeless design of Xylem is originally from Samsonite, it could match well with any type of styling, equipped with corner protector, Samsonite exclusive Aero-TracTM Suspension wheel and Click-PopTM TSA combination lock and practical interior that let you feel the superior experience during travel.

Go make your mark with Xylem 2.0

While the original Xylem, launched in 1999, was celebrated for its innovative use of aluminum, the 2.0 version disrupts the travel landscape once again by offering plenty of sleek, state-of-the-art features, along with an artistic point of difference and more accessible price point. Xylem 2.0 is made of anodized aluminum—an ultra-strong, protective material that, with age, shows the markings of a life well-traveled. Exterior highlights include an Aero-Trac suspension wheel system, which effectively minimizes rolling vibration and noise, and a user-friendly Click-Pop TSA Combination Lock. Added elevated details include a luxurious leather wrapped carry handle, which makes holding the suitcase more comfortable and integral corner protections for improved long-term durability.

Cosmolite FL: Made with Curv material: extremely strong, incredibly light. Unique, iconic design: Cosmolite won the prestigious Reddot Design Award “Best of the Best 2010”. Now even lighter by incorporating the latest technologies: 2.6 kg for spinner 75 (-200gr)

Go with style and comfort with Cosmolite

Turn heads when you travel with Samsonite’s iconic Cosmolite. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, a limited edition Cosmolite was released, featuring a new bespoke Curv weave in gold and silver. Its shell-like exterior is made using a technique called Curv technology, during which tiny strands of polypropylene are woven together to form tough, lightweight sheets. The sheets are then layered and molded onto the exterior, creating a protective cocoon that is not only damage-resistant, but also extremely light. Cosmolite’s interior also got an upgrade with a black embossed lining perfectly complementing the Curv weave, further customized with golden detailing and a unique label.Samsonite is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists Incorporated, Rustan Marketing Corporation and Landmark Management Services and available in all major malls and department stores. For more information, visit their official website and social media accounts:

IG: @SamsonitePh –

FB: @Samsonite Philippines –

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