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Don’t Miss these Little Bonding Moments with Your Toddlers 1

The bond between mother and child is unique and lasting, starting from pregnancy and influencing life well into adulthood. A mom is often the child’s first friend, playmate, and teacher.

But a modern working mom’s time with her child is incredibly limited. As such, moms must set time every day to bond with her child—and take every chance to turn regular activities into quality time for herself and her kid.

There are various fun and educational activities moms can do with their kids every day. The kids will not only enjoy these activities, but will also develop valuable skills and habits needed for life.

Don’t Miss these Little Bonding Moments with Your Toddlers 2


If there’s one thing kids love doing, it’s eating. Since they already love to munch on their food, teaching them how to cook will make them appreciate what goes in their meal. This activity can make kids realize their dreams of becoming a chef—or help establish healthier eating habits at least.

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Arts & Crafts

A child’s imagination and creativity knows no bounds, that’s why it’s important to do activities that will help develop their artistic skills. Doing arts and crafts projects with your child will expose them to a world full of visual imagery, which can be a new channel of communication between parent and child.

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Growing a garden is a surprisingly relaxing way to teach kids about the importance of nature and the environment. It also teaches them to be responsible, as plants are placed under their care.

Playing Sports

Kids need to have fun and be active, and sports enables them to experience both. Physical activities such as running and playing badminton will give kids the energy and strength they need as they grow. Playing sports with your kids will also teach them how to play fairly and win a game with a ‘teammate’.

Bath Time

One of the most relaxing and intimate bonding moments between a mom and her child is bath time. Bath time with the kids can be used as another means of communication between mother and child, creating conversations that both of them will fondly treasure.

Don’t Miss these Little Bonding Moments with Your Toddlers 3

An activity as simple as bathing your toddler can create a lasting bond between a mom and her child. Cetaphil Baby further strengthens this bond thanks to their line of products that gently touches your toddler’s skin.

Bath time with the kids isn’t only a great bonding activity, as it’s also one way of showing your kids the importance of taking care of their body, keeping their skin clean and from acquiring unwanted skin diseases. The Cetaphil Baby products are made up of ingredients that keeps your child’s skin moisturized while also soothing sensitive skin, making it an ideal bath time essential for kids.

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