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French Earl Grey Table Setting

Have you ever been bewildered at the prospect of preparing the perfect cup of TWG Tea, or opted for a teabag because you simply weren’t sure how to choose, prepare or serve a loose-leaf tea?

Selecting the perfect variety of tea can be a daunting task. After all, tea lovers can choose from over 400 types of tea at TWG Tea Boutiques in the Philippines! But just as unnerving can be the preparation of these exquisite tea leaves at home. But don’t panic! Creating the perfect tea time experience is simple if you are equipped with just four essential tea accessories:

Tea Scoop in Silver

Tea Scoop

One of the most common questions we get at TWG Tea is – how much is enough? When preparing tea, one measure of tea scoop is approximately the amount of tea leaves required to prepare a cup of tea. The TWG Tea Scoop (PhP895) comes exquisitely plated in silver.

Reusable Cotton Tea Filter

Tea Filter

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Once you have the amount of tea leaves you need, allow them to infuse in a TWG Tea Reusable Cotton Tea Filter (PhP365 for small filter, PhP375 for large filter). An essential tool to the proper infusion of most varieties of teas, this filter is made from 100% cotton and the material has been carefully selected as it thoroughly filters the delicate flavours of tea leaves through to the teapot. For a fuss-free option, you may opt for Disposable Cotton Tea Filter (PhP295).

TWG Tea Design Orchid Teapot Collection copy

The Right Teapot

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Inject a dose of style and personality to your tea table. The TWG Tea Design Orchid Teapot Collection (starts at PhP6,895) is available in a myriad of colours and adds a dash of panache for modern tea lovers, making your teapot a stunning centerpiece for your tea table. Glass teapots such as the French Teapot (PhP15,995), are also a wonderful addition to any tea table. Ideal for serving precious white teas like Yin Zhen and tea flowers, you can witness the dance of the tea leaves as they infuse, and the tea flowers slowly opening up its bloom. Watching time pass has never been as enlivening and an indulgence.

TWG Tea Afternoon Teacup _ Saucer copy

The Perfect Teacup

When choosing your teacup, consider the signature TWG Tea Afternoon Teacup and Saucer (PhP2,495), made of fine bone china and shaped to allow the infusion to develop a full aroma. The wide opening of the teacup cools down the tea quickly and the thin rim ensures that the tea reaches all your taste buds. If you are looking for a more luxurious touch, the Glamour Tea Bowls and Saucers (starts at PhP4,995) are lined with iridescent mother-of-pearl and are so chic and colourful.

Style your tea table with a collection of tea accessories available at TWG Tea Boutiques in Greenbelt 5 and Central Square. Order your favourite TWG Tea from the comfort of your home by calling your preferred TWG Tea Boutique directly to place your orders. For enquiries, kindly contact TWG Tea Boutique in Greenbelt 5 at (0917)8046931 or TWG Tea Boutique in Central Square at (0917)8037775.

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