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Polland Hopia

Polland Hopia was established since 1966 and it is known for making traditional and authentic Chinese style Hopia (Mongo Special and Hopia Baboy) which is the favorites not only for Chinese but amongst Filipinos too. Hopia Mongo or the sweetened mashed mung beans is one of my childhood’s comfort food. Nowadays, there are several flavors they offered and classic is always been my best-loved. Whether it be as an afternoon snack or as a pasalubong to relatives abroad. Polland Hopia bestselling flavors are Mongo Special, Black Mongo, Ube and Hopia Baboy.

These are widely available in most grocery stores, malls and of course in China Town at Binondo. But during this pandemic, it is advisable to shop online and good thing Polland Hopia products are widely available on Shopee. Each box has 4 pieces of hopia and can store up to 1 month unrefrigerated with foil sealed and intact.

Polland Tikoy
Red: White Sugar (Original), Brown: Brown Sugar, Pink: Strawberry, Green: Pandan, Orange: Banana, and Purple: Ube

Nian gao also known as tikoy is a staple and traditionally served during Chinese New Year and considered as Chinese cake. Polland Hopia Special Tikoy is a must-have every Chinese New Year and a tradition that symbolized abundance, good fortune and prosperity.

Polland Special Tikoy

It is made of pure and premium glutinous rice flour and other ingredients with available flavors; White Sugar (Original), Brown Sugar, Ube, Pandan, Pineapple, Banana, and Strawberry; it comes in small (600g) and medium (1.2kg) sizes.

Polland Mini Tikoy

The limited edition Mini Tikoy is also available with intricate “HOK” strawberry detail on top. “HOK” is the Chinese character for good fortune and it is best for gift giving. As they say that when you give it to someone you love, you are sure to stick together forever!

For this coming Valentine’s Day, an ultimate strawberry flavored Heart Tikoy is a gift ideas for your loved ones. It is a best 2-in1 gift for friends and relatives to celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Pollanf TiKoi

Not just the usual and normal tikoy that is a popular round-shaped Chinese cake, Polland Hopia offers Fish TiKoi as a centerpiece during the celebration of a prosperous Chinese New Year’s eve this 12th of February 2021 of the Year of the Lucky Ox. Every Lunar New Year one of the fundamental dishes is whole fish and it called as “Nian Nian Yow Yee.” This 350g Polland Hopia Fish Tikoi is limited stocks only because each of it is a handpainted.

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