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Marlon Aldenese at Diana Stalder
Marlon Aldenese poses at Diana Stalder before the treatment.

Facial treatment is always been my self-pampering aside from getting a body massage. I have been visited to several skin care clinic to have my face clean from blackheads or whiteheads. Though the other purpose of the facial treatments are for those who has a facial skin related problems like pimples, acne, warts, etc. or just simply maintaining a beautiful skin. Four years ago, I was introduced to Diana Stalder (formerly Dermaline) by a friend. I tried their Diamond Peel which I always get this kind of treatment to the previous clinics I visited. My personal experience here at Diana Stalder is far difference, the therapist is very professional in terms of their service and treatment procedure. They will let you relax during the entire treatment, I can’t even feel the pain or it is just so bearable. Unlike the other clinic, they keep on talking and offering you their other products and add-ons during the procedure. At Diana Stalder I was really pampered every time I had my session for treatment, the procedure includes cleansing, exfoliation, brushing, massage, steaming, extraction, and application of creams and moisturizer. Sometimes I asked for an add-on like mask to minimize my open pores and oily skin.

After the treatment, you can feel a smooth and visibly glowing skin. From then on, I never had any of my facial treatments to other clinics except at Diana Stalder only. I regularly visits dS (Diana Stalder) for my treatments but during the lockdown, we are all confined in our home. Access to most of the establishments were very limited, there are lots of stores, shops and clinics were advised to close. Anxiety and high level of stress kicks in to every individual, lifestyle has been change as well. Application of the beauty products is my only daily regimen but when you are used to have a regular treatment, you always wanted to visit a clinic for a facial.

Diana Stalder clinic observes health and safety protocol
Diana Stalder clinic observes health and safety protocol.

Now Diana Stalder is open again to serve their loyal guests or even for a new customer. Just last January and February of this year 2021, I had my Diamond Supreme Plus Treatment and Caviar Luxury Treatment with Dermalift respectively. Because of this pandemic, I noticed my skin were not as smooth as I had my regular treatments before. Diana Stalder follows strict health and safety protocols, as much as possible, the guest or customer must book a schedule prior the visit. Health declarations are required, social distancing must be observed as well and their therapists wear proper gears as required by the government. So every guest or customer has nothing to worry about their wellness.

Two years ago, I always have my sessions for Diana Stalder Skin Vigoration Treatment once every quarter. So this time, just last March 2, 2021 I got the chance to have tried this procedure again. The treatment is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat skin concerns which promotes collagen production, also known as collagen induction therapy. It produces new tissue to make the skin firmer and toned and it helps reduce appearance of acne scars and open pores and considered as an anti-aging treatment too.

Diana Stalder set up for facial treatment
Diana Stalder set up for facial treatment

It is a 2-hour treatment that includes facial treatment, application of topical anesthesia and the micro-needling.  The usual procedure for facial treatment like cleansing, exfoliation, massage, brushing, no steaming due to safety protocols for COVID-19 implemented by the government but they have the alternative to put a solution and leave on face for few minutes before the extraction of blackheads/whiteheads.

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When the facial treatment is done, a topical anesthesia applied to my whole face and leave for an hour. Then the procedure of micro-needling performed by a licensed dermatologist. They put some serum on every section of my face when doing the procedure. For some deep scars, they injected a stem cell to make the marks shallow or until becomes flat when Skin Vigoration Treatment is done regularly.

Once the treatment is over, you are not allowed to wash your face for 24 hours. The downtime is around 3 to 4 days. Direct sunlight is prohibited and as much as possible always wear a sunblock. You can see the improvement of your face in just a week or two.

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Watch this video for the entire procedure of the Diana Stalder Skin Vigoration Treatment.

Diana Stalder Skin Vigoration Treatment is P7500.00 per session
or you can avail a 3+1 package.

To learn more of Diana Stalder’s products and services, visit the official website at and follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may also visit Diana Stalder at Gateway Mall, Basement 2, Araneta City Cubao. Call or Text at 0917.621.8468.   

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