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Southern Gaze team feasted the delectable upscaled Filipino dishes prepared by Evelyn Wise aka Tia Belle

Tia Belle

Southern Gaze Team, a group of bloggers, invades Tia Belle’s Pansit Malabon and Pichi-Pichi, it is just few kilometers from Nuvali or Calax exit. A Filipino cuisine restaurant known for their best Pancit Malabon, Pichi Pichi and Bulalo Lomi.

We’ve got to sample their bestsellers Pancit Malabon, rich in flavor sauce and noodles and generous ingredients, and their mouth-watering Pichi Pichi topped with grated cheese and most of us requested for a cup of Amadeo brewed coffee to pair this Filipino dessert made from steamed cassava flour.

Tia Belle with Southern Gaze at facade
Southern Gaze team (L-R: Ron Ryan Buguis –, Ruby Asoy-Lebajo –, Cheska Itable –, Marlon Aldenese –, Allan Balmaceda – and Michael Pituc – on their Filipino costume.

We ate heartily the dishes Evelyn Wise aka Tia Belle cooked herself to us for lunch. The Silang Sinigang with a twist, it is a combination of pork belly and tiger prawns. She added Ube, juice from roasted calamansi and kamias to make the stew more flavorful and appetizing. The Rellenong Bangus is stuffed with lavish ingredients like squid, shrimps, and crabmeat sautéed in onions, garlic and leeks. Lastly, Tia Belle’s newly developed dish. Fritters with grated squash and roasted dried krill combined in a seasoned batter then fried over pre-heated oil topped with sliced ripe mango and ample amount of deveined shrimps on one side.

We are all happy tummy and catching up with our colleagues Cheska P. Itable and Precious Ruby the newest members of Southern Gaze team.

Tia Belle live cooking with southern gaze
Tia Belle’s live cooking with the Southern Gaze team

For those who wanted to go to Tagaytay you may stop over for lunch, merienda or dinner at Tia Belle Sa Silang. They are open from 8am to 5pm daily.

Customized Cake LITTLE KITCHEN 7
Tia Belle with dishes
Evelyn Wise aka Tia Belle showcasing her dishes.

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A live cooking demo of Tia Belle
A casual talk with Evelyn Wise aka Tia Belle
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