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XTREME MF-4300s LED TV 43” Smart TV series is a serious contender


The SMART TV is one of the vital home appliances we turned in this pandemic. Most of the family is at home, and whether you use your TV for watching local TV shows, cable, Netflix, YouTube or for gaming, it has become a tool not just to while away the endless hours, but for serious family and friend bonding.

I personally love big screen TVs, but of course, you always have to consider the budget as well as the size of the room. Do you want a top of the line TV for a cinematic experience, or do you use it mainly for gaming or YouTube? You have to determine your personal requirements and find the Smart TV that fits your lifestyle. TV size and room dimension is also important. 

For larger living rooms, a 40” TV and above is best in terms of scale. You have to also decide whether to mount the TV on a shelf, a rack, or hang it on the wall. Smart Televisions are getting even thinner that you can easily mount it on a wall and have a gallery of photos stored in a USB to serve as your dynamic wall frame. Some TV models even have built in high resolution photos ready for display.

OLED or LED TV? OLED is more expensive, and for my own personal needs I am satisfied enough with a LED TV.  LED has a better resolution and it’s a SMART TV, so I can play Netflix and YouTube without the need for 3rd party gadgets. When it comes to resolution, 4K is now the standard, but 8K is not far behind, although it will be awhile before this becomes something common with consumers.

Connectivity is one of the most important things to contemplate with SMART TVs, the ports or terminals for USB, LAN, HDMI, and with WIFI and/or Bluetooth enabled.  This way you can easily interconnect with some of your entertainment appliances and to screencast your smartphone to your Smart TV.

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Also, when deciding to get additional TVs for other rooms or areas in the house such as the kitchen or den, I would suggest to get the same brand of Smart TV, so your remote control can be used on both or multiple smart TV units. Warranty and Support is also a must to be considered when buying Smart TV.

XTREME Appliances is gaining a foothold in the market. Apart from Smart TVs, they have several product offerings like kitchen appliances, cooling units, and entertainment.

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XTREME MF-4300s LED TV 43 Smart Series has interesting features.

Setting Up the Smart TV:

The TV is really easy to set up. It has a stand if you wish to put your set on the shelf or rack. It also comes with a wall bracket. Make sure the wall can support the weight of the TV.

Back Panel:

There are ports and terminals for USB where you can play your media like pictures, video and music. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) lets you connect a device such as Blu-Ray player with HDMI output for best picture quality. AV OUT is used to connect a VCR to record programs. Earphone/Headphone allows you to listen to the sound coming from the TV.

Digital Audio Output (Coaxial) SPDIF used to connect a compatible digital audio receiver. Antenna/Cable In for antenna cable or cable box. VGA/PC is where you can connect your personal computer or laptop. AV IN/OUT to connect with your TV Box or Videoke also from TV sounds to external speakers. The LAN port is for internet connection if just in case you don’t have WIFI.

Video Quality:

It has a good video coming from the TV box because I am just using the AV IN, but the quality will be even better with an HDMI cable or HD cable channel. The resolution itself is a full HDTV 1366 x 768. There are presets with Standard, Dynamic, Natural, Movie, Stadium, and Personal, where you can customize brightness, color, and contrast.

Sound Quality:

It has Built-in soundbar by Pure Sound that even if you crank the sound to the highest volume, it doesn’t sound broken, but take note that excessive sound can cause hearing loss.

Remote Control:

All of the functions you need for the tv are on the remote control. From power on/off, muting, numbers for channels, buttons for volume and tv programs, setting, buttons for multimedia, and the TV comes with pre-installed Netflix and YouTube, and a browser as well.

Pro & Con:

The advantage for the level of XTREME MF-4300s LED TV 43” Smart series compared to other brands in its category is its more affordable price range, at 15,000 to 17,000 depending on the vendor. The video and audio are good too and it is easy to set-up. It also has pre-installed Netflix and YouTube.  Available buttons on the set if remote controls won’t work. The remote control could be better because you can’t quickly just switch your streaming apps. You need to close or exit first from the app before you can proceed to another app.

All in all it’s a reasonably priced SMART TV that can cover most of your needs.

XTREME MF-4300s LED TV 43” Smart is available at as well as for their support and other services. You can all visit their Facebook page at You can also purchase at LAZADA and SHOPEE.

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